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hello!!! my name is ronnie. i use they/he pronouns and am a nonbinary lesbian! i am currently 15 years old. im extremely socially anxious and like VERY awkward im so sorry... i also type weird sometimes, like i use "..(....)" ALOT (if you couldnt already tell ^), i randomly capitalize things, use shortened words (r for are) and use numbers for letters sometimes.. anyways. i am punk ! i listen to mainly grrrl music but occasionally i also enjoy metal ! keep in mind ideology matters to me! please do not interact with the webmaster or my website if you are right-winged.. you should have already left by now honsetly...

contact me : keep in mind i am in school (currently in grade 10/year 11), so ill be busy.. but my dms are always open no matter what - whether you want to ask a couple questions or even just to make a new friend :) if you need to contact me always try my discord (@ronnie#7575) first !! if you dont have discord, or i dont reply, my instagram is there too! (i use my insta more to interact with friends so if your looking for a mutual ill gladly follow back!! just msg me <3) this is a bit of a reach but my everskies is @xiq if you dont have medias.

dni : i guess that brings us to the dni list!! its not long but some general things would be the stuff mentioned above, basic dni stuff (like being racist, transphobic etc you get it) and any anti-feminist. if you know me you know im probably one of the biggest feminists you'll meet.. its just something i look into a lot and know quite a bit about !! plus we love n appreciate all women here !! <3<3<3

interests : you can check out some of my interests on my interests page! some generic things i like though are vocaloid, video games, tv/anime, cats, music, hello kitty, fairy lights & lamps (THEY R JUST SO MUCH BETTER....), i like reading sometimes (my favourite book being a mango shaped space, which i will probably make a whole review page just to ramble about in the future,,) anndddd IDK WHAT ELSE TO PUT!! i might come back here later.

dislikes : surprisingly one of my most hated things is writing! i hate english class. which sounds kind of ironic because thats what im sitting here doing right now. (and because my favourite show is literally bsd..) but to be honest, it isnt really the writing part that bothers me - in fact i write quite a lot - its just the sharing part, or the part where someone else reads it. i hate expressing myself through text ( ESP CREATIVE WRITING. i will literally die if i have to write another TERRIBLE short story in english... ) knowing someone i know is reading it. its just so ew.. idk maybe its from me being so socially anxious. but it just feels so cringe and not in a good way!!!!!!!!!! even if im just talking about myself (also ironic) .. typing like this isnt so bad, but if someone irl read this i think i would die. its okayish with online friends but im still dying just a bit and a LITTLE more if im close w them ...

boundries : not many that i can think off of the top of my head !!! these are the kind of things i kind of learn throughout the way..

for now thats all i can really think of to say! :) if you read through this thank you !! i hope i didnt waste too much of your time lol.. have a good day everybody !! xxx