sorry for not updating in a while!! ive been super busy with work (i got hired!!) and school. basically i was able to go to the restaurant i wanted for my birthday, and we celebrated on sunday october 16th !! i got 100% on a math and a digital communications test aswell, and am currently working on 2 english projects at the moment. i started a new book, its the first one in the star wars thrawn series, and im on page 100 sofar n its super good!! i'd definitely reccomend if you like star wars rebels series!! :) ive also been working on coding everskies profiles lately, which is why i kind of put off this website for a bit!!


happy birthday to me !!!!!! im officially 15 !! very scary lol.. i start a job soon now that im legally allowed to work in canada.. also im celebrating next week, because the restaurant i wanted to go to is still not open from the hurricane but they said they're going 2 open soon !! i hope everyone has a great day :P im thinking of buying myself bungou stray dogs beast volume 1 & 2 for my bday... theyre like more than 30 dollars total (BOOKS ARE SO EXPENSIVE IN CANADA!!) but i really want to tbh............ very tempting


GUESS WHAT I GOT ON MY MATH TEST. 43.5/44. BE FRRR !!! just give me the 44/44 i cannot she is SO picky with answers and stuff .... ALSO!! my job interview was today!! it went well and i still have a bunch of forums to sign before i start training but im vv excited !!


OH.MYGOD. the aussie floyd concert was yesterday night and HOLY FUCK OHGRM,GRDNMNDKJNSADJK ... it was literally so cool I AM LITERALLY DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got a couple videos of the blow up balloon thingies they had, aswell as the lights (which were literally so fucking cool sjdfjfdsjdfkjfdkjskjfds) and the awesome performance aswell!! at the end they also had a whole disco ball while playing comfortably numb (i cried /j) !!!!!!!! if u want to see theyre on my instagram story highlights (the one named aussie floyd) ! ALSO I STILL HAVE THAT FUCKING MATH TEST TMR and i havent been to school in like 3 days wish me luck .. .. . also im literally having brainrot rn i honestly dont care about anything except for bsd and serial experiments lain........


hello! i still dont have power, but school has reopened again this week. luckily the pink floyd cover concert is still going on!! im super excitedd.. n my birthday is in, what now, 7 days :P (oct 10)!! but anyways, i finally got to re-making this page! i think theres still much more room for improvement, but its much better for now .. i have a math test this thursday and im kinda scared.. its one of my best classes because i find it easy but im struggling to keep up with the word problems we're doing right now.. its not even the calculation part its just understanding the text i find difficult. fuck word problems fr !!!!!!! anyways im missing both review classes due to the concert but i hope ill be able to make up for it while im at the hotel..


hello!!! welcome to my journal page.. for now i guess i can write about how ive had no power for 7 days sofar ): we had a hurricane a week ago in canada (hurricane fiona) and it was so bad.. it made a big mess (trees everywhere, i dont even know how some of them got knocked down, they are so big they left giant craters in the ground.. not only that!! but my deck broke during the storm, my dad is working on fixing it now though.) the only good part is that school got cancelled for the week.. i had plans on october 4th-5th to go to NS for a pink floyd cover concert (my dad loves them), so im hoping its not delayed.. we have a small generator but nothing big enough to keep running all day. just to keep our fridge and freezer cold and make food. i've been editing a lot mainly akutagawa since ive had nothing to do all week (if u want to see some check out my instagram!!) PLEASE IGNORE ANY SPELLING ERRORS.. i type fast


basically just a page for me to rant and or talk about things that are currently happening in my life! very boring, i know.. but if you choose to read thank you! :) im not the most interesting person on the planent but i will pretend to be if i have to (/j) :P

WARNING: i curse alot!


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