my bf (real)
unfortunately this guy is my favourite your turn to die character........ please forgive me okay i have reasons i swear. first one being his character is cool and well written!! im very intrested in the conspiracy theories surrounding his character, espically this persons theories!! (i have read practically all of them.) my favourite being "midori is meisters son" ! its definetly worth the time to read if you like yttd!! second reason being... hes so fine.. THIRD REASON!! um he when you when and then

anyways! here are some sources i rlly like !

- sociopath profile: midori > summary : "Sou Hiyori turns out to be extremely duplicitous and shifty just like Shin pretended to be in the first two chapters. While Shin was manipulative as a survival tactic, Midori is a genuine psychopath. Despite being such a repugnant snake of a man, you can't say that he isn't charismatic. His smug smile is one of his most notable features. He'll always talk like an old friend even when mentally torturing others."

- your turn to die wiki: sou hiyori > summary : "Sou has bright green hair and wide disconcerting, jade eyes. His outfit consists of a black suit, red tie, and the same scarf that Shin Tsukimi wears. Midori's body is, in fact, over 50% doll but still has some human parts to it. Sou/Midori is a cruelly mischievous man shrouded in mystery. He seems to have somewhat sadistic tendencies; deriving happiness from teasing and harassing others for his own amusement. Despite speaking in a cheerful and cool manner, Midori seems to actively disdain Alice Yabusame, his supposed killer." (basically a website that lists practically everything about the character)

- sou hiyori/midori photo gallery > same website as the last, shows every photo/cg & sprite in game of my little skrunkly