what is your turn to die?

your turn to die - death game by majority - is a multi-ending horror adventure game. its about high school student, sara chidouin, who is forced into a death game with an assortment of other people who may share more in common than they know. currently, the game is released up to chapter three, part one, section b. (source)

why do i like it?

its mainly a comfort game !! i played it in 2020 and instantly fell in love! im pretty sure ive played it at least like 4 times and have watched so many hours of playthroughs on youtube. personally, i took the logic route. mainly because of shin, i really like kanna and all but im so sorry shin is my 2nd fav character in the whole game i literally couldnt. PLUS THE SCENE ?????? please i would literally uncontrollably sob the rest of the game.

favourite/least favourite ___?

FAVOURITE CHARACTER : shin tsukimi !
FAVOURITE FLOORMASTER : midori/sou hiyori (im soryr)
FAVOURITE SHIP : sara and joe ofc

LEAST FAVOURITE CHARACTER : keiji (i hate him so much ohmygod.)
LEAST FAVOURITE SHIP : i have alot.. literally every proship (kanna and shin, shin and sara, keiji and sara, nao and mishima, etc ..) idk if soushin is a proship but i dont like them either..